Step Into My Microsoft Office, Baby

Posted by mangdesign on June 06, 2018

Microsoft Office open source alternative

Microsoft is a massive software company that has their fingers in many different pies. Their flagship software is the Windows operating system. Their latest iteration, Windows 10, is the reason that I moved away from Windows entirely, migrating to Linux permanently. I will post on that at a later date!

Microsoft Office is Microsoft’s productivity suite (now referred to as Office 365). Microsoft push the subscription service of Office 365, as opposed to the one off payment model (although you can still make the one-time payment, you get less features). Their software is proprietary and although multiple facets have been reverse engineered, it is not open to scrutiny by the public.

Instead of using Microsoft Office (Office 365) I recommend giving LibreOffice a go. There is a laundry list of reasons why LibreOffice is a better choice than Office 365. Of course there are downsides as well, but I believe for the vast majority of people LibreOffice is the superior choice. But why? For starters, LibreOffice is open source (duh!). If you download it and you decide that it is not for you (maybe you think that learning where things are is too much effort), all that you have lost is a small amount of time and a few hundred MB of data. Secondly, LibreOffice uses the OpenDocument Format, which has much better cross platform compatibility than Microsoft’s Office suite. Even different versions of Microsoft Office can have compatibility issues! Speaking of cross platform compatibility, LibreOffice can be used on most operating systems that you could think of, whereas Office 365 is compatible with Windows and Mac (and even that is debatable!). Have I convinced you? Good, go here and download it here ( now, fool!

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