GitHub vs. Microsoft

Posted by mangdesign on June 08, 2018

GitHub Microsoft Acquisition

On Monday just gone, GitHub posted an announcement on their blog declaring that Microsoft will be aqcuiring GitHub. This is huge news, and it casts some shadows on GitHub’s future. There are a few reasons for this, but this will mean that GitHub is going to change once the acquisition by Microsoft goes through. How can we be so sure of this? Well most simply, what GitHub stands for goes directly against Microsoft’s business principles. GitHub is an open collaboration platform for sharing code. They (for the most part) encouraged the free flow of information and are staunch open source advocates. Microsoft are not. Microsoft, while very popular for a range of programs and services, are known for closed source software. Yes, they have contributed to open source projects, but a lot of people are highly skeptical. A number of people (such as BitCoin Core developers) have expressed interest in migrating to another platform.

Although GitHub have, in recent times, become increasingly politically biased, this acquisition is not a win for the open source software community. Only time will tell, maybe Microsoft will pleasantly surprise us. But they have a lot of bad press from the IT community to overcome before that will happen.

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