About me

A little about me

At the end of 2016 I finished an Honours degree in Criminology - but I had no real plans to do much with it. Other than vague ideas about where my interests lie, which were privacy, security, IT, science and the like (including a new-found love for open source software).

After a few different countries and a lot more indecision I bit the bullet and signed up for a course on Web Development. I really took to it and had a lot of fun figuring out problems that arose when making sites.

So here we are, this is my second real website that I have written (somewhat) since beginning the course back in January (2018 if you are reading this in the more distant future). This site is a simple blog primarily about privacy, security and open source software / services. More specifically, about alternatives to mainstream services. My other website was meant to be simply a resume, but it turned out to be a little more - you can check it here: https://mang.design